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Find women's health resources and products here.

Women's Health Issues.

Cancer is one of the main womens health concerns. While, this maybe the result of life style choices, most forms of cancer maybe treated. New technology using lasers and surgery to remove only the cancer tumer have proven as effective as any sort of other treatments.

One of the treatments that seems worse than cancer is Chemo. There are people who have survived chemo. Only, the side effects are often worse than cancer. Chemo caused physical illness, nutritional and immune system problems.

The use of chemo is particularly a question because almost any doctor admits that healing is a matter of having a healthy immune system. There many supplements that improve healing, the immune system function and health generally. These include some of the following.

Medical care quality is different from place to place. Doctors that are educated in the state generally provide better care by virtue of the fact that only the best and brightest are choosen. And, the quality of medical training is better. Than there is the experience of medical doctors who deal with many more and different situations than those in less populated places. Doctors educated in other countries only get what ever sort of education they have there. That is why medical care is usually much better from the USA.

Immune Essentials
Immune Essentials

Swanson Condition Specific Formulas
Immune Essentials

* The most most powerful immune system support available

* Combines powerful ImmunoLin and ImmunEnhancer AG and much more

* Superb support for seasonal wellness

Introducing our most potent dietary defender ever! We combined the two newest, most powerful ingredients for immune system support with well-known, proven resistance promoters for comprehensive nutritional defense. Includes AG (arabinogalactan), ImmunoLin immunoglobulin concentrate, standardized elderberry, beta glucan and both maitake and shiitake mushrooms. No other supplement brings you this much nutritional power to keep you healthy!

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