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Women's Safety

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Women's Safety.

Women have to be very careful, especially while traveling.

Some of the precautions they may make is to travel in a group. Stay together. Stay with people you know and trust. Pack a door wedge to use to block door. Keep door locked and closed. Only open when someone is with you.

Pack a door wedge to keep door closed when traveling. Never answer a door unless you have someone with you. Keep your cell phone handy. Keep people with you whild traveling.

Travel safety is probably better for many countries than the USA. This is because of less population and reduced crime rates. You may have noticed how situations where people were involved in assaults at certain locations in the USA are not competent handled by who ever was involved. This makes staying or being at certain places in the USA less safe than other countries.

When innocent people are falsely accused, those who are guilty are probably involved. The innocent were kept from involvement while what was done with the guilty and those whom were suppose to protect people? That has meant many threats to people's safety were not kept away from people. While the innocent women, children and people who were something besides legally competent adults were subject to such unfair and wrong abuses.

That is the fault of those public employees, including the "nice" one who falsely implied he was the law. They are the reason those situations happened. They were the ones negligent, if not the cause of threats to people's safety. They wanted to take credit when they were to blame. Their idea of "nice" seemed to have been taking unfair advantage of children, women and people who were not legally competent.

They were the ones who were suppose to tell women of the threats to their safety. That was probably them. They were the ones telling women to engage in conduct that was a threat to their safety. They were the ones most likely to cause threats to people's safety. When they were the ones whose main responsibility was to prevent those threats. That was sure "nice" of him, wasn't it?

These were the people whose involvement while implying they were security, were much of what was wrong. Security does not involve making false accusations, harassing, abusing and assaulting. When making negative comments and engaging in negative conduct were mostly all that "nice" government employee did. That is the way their involvement has been for years. And, that is why the situation is such that it is not safe for women.

You decide about what their character was. Were they involved? What was their involvement? Did they stop the threats of harm? Or, were they probably the cause or negligent for what ever was a threat to those women? Because, if the women were told of what the situation or threats were, would they be there? Or would they have done what they did if they were being told the risks? This is why women have to be careful about what they do and who they associate with.

Your personal safety is more important than the whims and careless suggestions of government employees who have been negligent on their responsibilities. The best thing is to just stay home and wait until those government employees who have been the cause and negligent are removed. That takes time. Ususlly everything would be great. People would be having fun. People who should be enjoying life would. Only, that is what the government employee involved has been disrupting. That is why things have been the way they are.

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