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One would like to know that any government employees involved were competent, responsible, respectful people.
Only, those mentioned here were and have been anything but that. That is why the situation was something besides safe.
Those sorts of situations were often caused. And those who were pretending to be nice were often the cause.
They were using their access to engage in repeated harassment and solicit people to engage in such abuses.
That is something anyone who was responsible, competent and respectful would never do.
That is why you have to question anything you were told. And check anyone who maybe involved.
The chances are, those involved are something much different than what they claim or should be.
That is why staying away from such people, suggestions and situations is a good idea.

Stalking is about abuse and control. Those who try to take unfair advantage of people and situations are the threat. They are the ones you want to keep out of any involvement. They are out to get attention. Only, unlike most people, any attention would be interpreted of interest rather than just kindness. Such people have to be told no and to stay away. If they do not listen, then you have to call the police and report them. These maybe serious situations. Those involved may represent a serious threat to you and yours.

Normally, these situations would be quite safe. What you have is people, usually government employees, going around telling people things are safe when they are not. They have been telling people they were not wrong to engage in negative sorts of conduct.

When that was all a scam to get those involved in things that may cause trouble. The same as telling people to go places or do things that were matters of where the usual safety situations were being compromised by the same government employees who told them to go there or do that.

Those government employees have been falsely accusing and falsely implying many things. People who care about women would never suggest they go places where there was safety concerns.

People who care about women would warn them of the threats and tell them to stay away from such places. People who care would tell women their negative comments and conduct is something those who wanted to cause them harm was telling them.

The people who care about women would tell them to keep away from those government employees or who ever was telling them things or causing them trouble when women should be told of the consequences about what they did before.

This is what makes the safety of situations different from when they regularly travel. People who do not care have been causing situations to have their regular safety compromised. These were deliberate acts. The not telling women of the actual threats, and telling them to go and everything is safe when that is usually untrue.

Usually, with any normal situation, anyone who assaults or threatens to harm is removed from society. Yet, here, there have been many known threats and assaults, yet where is the investigation of those involved and suspected? That has to do with who ever the government employee, agent or who ever was involved or who knew about and did that.

The same sort of thing where there have been many false accusations of innocent people. The government employee has falsely accused and caused investigations of many innocent people. These are all seriously wrong and illegal conduct of the government employees involved. The whole situation has been such where people's usual security was compromised.

The same is true of normal communications. The government rat refered to has caused people who should be communicating to keep from communicating. This, like most of his involvement made little sense. Except that he was involved in all the sorts of wrongs mentioned. And, he did not want people finding out that he, or they were involved.

That is one thing to be that way with his own private matters. That is quite a different matter to be involved in everyone elses private communiations and private business. And, than he knew about what was happening at the time and should and was suppose to tell the women involved of the threats to their safety.

And, than he goes and approached those same women pretending to be a government agent? And he was going to "help" them with their security. When the biggest threat to their security was his involvement. Because of his competence and caring, he was why most of the threats to those women were there. Even now, he has yet to tell them of what dangers there were. Probably because he was involved in causing them.

These are some reasons why the situation is safety challenged. And these are why suggestions such as staying home is generally better. At least until such government employees are removed from involvement. Staying in a different oountry has became much safer just because those involved in domestic security have been of such character.

This is why staying with people you know and the other extra safety precautions suggested are recommended. This is not just a "fake nice" people sort of situation. This is the fact the "fake nice" people are a threat and competency challenged. They are the cause of situations and seem to have little concern or consideration for people or their safety. This is why nothing would be better than such involvement of a false sense of security they caused.


That is what stalkers do. They pretend to care or be your friend. When all they are interested in is using or abusing. They act disruptive just to get attention. They repeatedly harass. They imply they are somehow legitimate. When most of their involvement is disruptive. They claim they are helping. When they are usually the cause of what ever was wrong. No one who knows them wants anything to do with them. Therefore, they are always trying to inappropriately intrude on others privacy and communications. Often in negative and abusive ways. It is one thing to risk your own safety. Quite a different matter when you have people depending on you.

They may imply they are some sort of police. When they are accessing private information and engaging in efforts to interfere with your normal lives. No legitimate police or anyone else would contact you without having a legitimate reason. Nor would they or could they legally involve you in anything that was either unsafe or something that could get you into trouble. A concerned fan expressed the situation this way. She knew you like drama. But these situations and people were very dangerous. They do not have your best interests at heart. That matters.

Those are all sorts of legal scams where they either do not know, or imply there are laws or rules where there are not. They are suspects who are almost always stalkers. They ask inappropriate personal questions to try to gain further involvement. While protecting you, if that is what the guilty felons were claiming, would require only watching out for those who maybe a threat. There is no reason for any such personal involvement. And to do so would be a breach of the law and the legal and ethical standards of conduct required of anyone in a position of responsibility. Stalkers have little or nothing to offer in terms of competency or sanity.

Stalkers usually are of such limited mental ability they probably won't stop. And, because they never have the mental capacity to know any better about what is appropriate or legal, to begin with. They are a serious threat you have to take precautions about. The regular sort of thinking that most people have about what is right or wrong, while, they do not have that ability. They think they are good or smart to take unfair advantage of people such as women or children. He is a fake. He was just taking unfair advantage of his involvement. He was the cause of much of what ever was wrong. Anyone whom won't call the cops on him may get into trouble.

Assaulting children or adults who are not legally competent is the same thing. The law in some places has punishment of life in prison without parole. Such people sure are things that make any relationship disturbing. And, such people just care about women or children about as much as such conduct would suggest. There is a difference between the bureau(rat) who gnawed away at people's privacy, self esteem, relationships, and safety and the Littlest Hobo. The Littlest Hobo was a opportunist who took every chance he had to build self esteem, good feeling, good relationships, while respecting people's privacy. And than Littlest Hobo moved on.

The rat tried to take unfair advantage of anyone and any situation they were involved in. The rat was, and caused, a threat to everyone and disruption to what ever they were involved in. The Littlest Hobo is always about helping without exploitation. That is people and situations at their best. The rat gave rats a bad name. The Federal Bureau of fake rat investigations. The Bureau's own page tells us that not respecting people's privacy is a serious felony. That is much of the Bureau rat dog did. The Bureau rat dog is suspected of many serious felonies. Anyone who unwittingly associates with such people maybe guilty of being of accessory felonies. There is only one known suspected Bureau rat. He looks like AC360. And, he was mostly trouble and of no known good. When you find out what sort of threats to people's safety that the government employees have been causing, you are going to want to stay home, relax, and be healthy and happy.

They often do not have the sense of respect for people or privacy that most mentally challenged people have. That is why they could go and contact people whom there is not any reason to have been involved with. That is how they could make what ever sort of nonsense excuses for their inappropriate involvement. They could assault people repeatedly and not have the sense of how wrong or harmful that maybe. That is how they could suggest to people to do things that were less than good for them to be involved with. They are known as repeat felons who assault.

There are many serious differences between those who are genuinely helpful, and those who are users and abusers. People who know them personally, and who are honest, will tell you what people are like. They will let you know if someone is good, hard working, honest as the day is long. Or, if they are just abusers, who have little sense or little sense of respect for people. People who are involved in stalking are usually of such little self that they do not know that what they did was wrong or how that affected people. That is why they acted that way.

Stalkers are just the opposite of the people who actually care. Stalkers do not have the sense of caring. They are actually only involved for their own selfish and usually abusive efforts to control and manipulate. While those who care are involved for the sake of consideration of you. Stalkers sense of honesty is usually only about where they think they could get away with something. While those who care are going to tell you what you should and need to know. The good person is going to alert you to what ever threats there maybe. That is different from telling you what to do. You have to use your own sense and decide what is safe or good or not.

There are differences in people. Like the differences of the loyal family pet and a dog going around trying to attack people for no reason. The loyal family pet will alert you to any potential threats. The loyal family pet will move to intercept anything that could be a problem. The senseless dog was too busy trying to take unfair advantage of people and the situation. Rational people are going to be concerned about situations when there were serious threats to people's safety. If there is a bureaucrat involved who knew, or was causing threats to people's safety and were not warning people of such threats, that is what has been happening. That is why some of those whom seemed to be nice were more of a threat than anyone else who was mean.

If someone was showing concern, they probably had good reason to suggest staying away. Like, when one suggested staying home, they thought the situation was one where people had privacy. Than one finds out that anyone could see them when they were in their yard. While, that was not a safe situation, either. Staying inside is not exactly healthy or fun, either. Having a safe, private outdoor place is good, too. Finding out what threats are is good, also. Those pretend friends may not tell you about what threats there are. You need people who may not be friends, but who would tell you about what ever could be a threat to you what ever you liked.

The senseless dogs involvement is usually what is wrong. His negative, false and repeated inappropriate involvement was what was wrong. The senseless dog is likely to have been the cause of any threats. And than he wanted to try take credit when that was all his fault. This is the sort who would think assaulting women or children was not wrong. And that is probably something he is constantly guilty of. Taking unfair advantage is mostly all he was about. And when someone was told such a dog was not a dog but what a dog would leave behind, what does not acknowledging that prove about who ever was involved as far as character, competence or respect for people? Good government employees were suppose to serve and protect the people.

Alcohol in moderation is thought to have a over all healthy benefit. Having fun and being active is likely to be most healthy, also. The same with associating with good people is probably going to enhance your health and safety. People who care about you want you to have fun and be happy. What ever that means for you. The thing is, there are sometimes things, diseases, and people who maybe less beneficial than what you have. That is why you have to constantly vigilant about such things. Especially people who seem nice. Cute is good. Nice may mean something else. They are the ones whom claim to be legit when they maybe something else.

If those public employees were involved in something other than serving and protecting the public, why were they public employees? This is meant to characterize the situation for what it is. Most government employees are good people. The few who were involved in such abuses were a threat to many people. Those were the few whose character and conduct brought disrepute on themselves, their department, families, and country. They were suppose to have been responsible for the safety of the people. When they were involved in not respecting people's privacy and personal security. That is what certain nice people were actually. Most people who knew them would probably use various adjective to describe them besides nice.

Where the loyal family pet is devoted to protecting the family from such predators. The loyal family pet acts out of legitimate caring and concern. The loyal family pet is prepared to stand and defend against anyone and anything. The predator is a chicken that goes sneaking around making false accusations and attacking and taking unfair advantage of women and children. Only, their limited mental capacity is going to matter in many situations. People who care about you would only make suggestions that were good for you. If they are telling you to do things that are something else that than good for you, than caring or thoughtful or kind is someone else.

They do not want people talking about them because anyone who knows them know what they did and what they were. The only way they could take unfair advantage was to pretend they were nice. And than hope that people do not check or call the cops and find out about all their felony crimes. People who are good stay away from where you live or are staying. They pretend to be nice. When they are probably the cause of what ever trouble you maybe having. Beware of such people. Most dogs are safer and better than such people who repeatedly assault people.

Good people are only involved to look out for any potential threats. Such as those chicken predators. The chicken predators stalkers try to get personally involved to engage in felony privacy, repeated harassment and defamation. Usually making negative and false accusations of things they are guilty of. They try to access people's personal info with false accusations to excuse their false investigations. This is why one should stay away from such people. They are a threat to you and anyone you know or associate with.

Whom you associate with and what you do matters. If a government employee who was suppose to serve and protect the people told Miley to assault someone. While, the chances are, that Miley would get into trouble for that. She could have gotten hurt. She may have caused situations that were negative as far as her reputation, future and career. That is why people have to be careful about whom and what they are told. Often the people telling them that were trying to get them into trouble. They falsely implied they were friends when they were not. And, they told people things just to take unfair advantage or to cause trouble. While that is not Miley's fault. That is the fault of who ever told her to do that. Many people may not know who was doing that.

Miley, and anyone else, especially celebrities have to watch out for such people and such situations. Such associations may get temporary benefits. Any sort of involvement is may have serious consequences. Legitimate people who have the competency to deal with situations are going to respect people and their privacy. They are going to be careful about what they do. They are going to advise caution about dealing with such people and situations. What ever the bureaucrat may have tried to imply about himself, anyone who repeatedly assaulted or took unfair advantage of women or children are no one friends. They are hated by most people.

Many people are listening to and watching Miles. Some of them would be a certain limited intelligence and caring. They are going to approach her with ideas and suggestions that could cause her to feel or act in ways that are make her career, life and future something that isn't as wonderful as it could or would be. There are people who are not honest. There are people who are negative. There are people who would try to take unfair advantage of dear Miles. For that reason she has to be very careful about what she does and who she associates with.

Miley and anyone else in that situation has to have good people looking out for her, her safety and interests all the time. And she, and any one else usually does. That is why they do as well as they do. Those fake friends and public employees such as pretend cops or government bureaucrats who have tried to take unfair advantage of any situation they involved with. They were the sort they have to keep out of their private matters and removed from involvement. Preventing a train wreck by getting those who are a threat to everyone out, is much easier than cleaning the debris after.

Those bureaucrats who have been telling people to do things that are not wise or safe are the ones who were to blame for the what ever threats to people's safety. The government only employees responsible, competent, respectful people? If they have people who were something besides that, who were causing threats to people's safety including smiley Miley, or who were trying to get her involved with people or situations that as far as helping her or her career, while that has to do with those involved in that. They are the ones who were the cause of Miley's feeling or what ever things that happened that she was involved with. That is their fault. Only what would help is if Miley and who ever was involved with Miley took precautions to keep such people and situations away from her.

They constantly tell people false nonsense to excuse their inappropriate involvement. They make out like innocent and good people are not that. Because anyone who is innocent and good and knew what they were would never have nothing to do with them. They often misuse what ever official authority they claim to try to take unfair advantage of any situation or people they were involved in. You could ask almost anyone they were associated with before about what they were like. And, if they were honest, many people aren't, they would tell just these things.

The lessons to be learned from such situations is to stay away from such people. What ever they maybe or imply such as cops, clergy or nice. If you do or want to associate with anyone you do not know, check what they are like. Find out from people who know and are honest enough to tell you. If there are situations or people you do not know, ask the people who would know what is what. Your good name, health and safety are more important. Your children, family and friends want to be safe, happy and have fun. They also want you to be careful about such situations and people who may not be about any of that.

Suggestions for stopping stalkers.

Stalkers want attention. Only, when a stalker gets attention, that is interpreted as a chance to get more. When most people would move on, a stalker becomes more determined to get more attention, positive or negative.

That is why, when told to stop harassing them once and than refuse to give any more attention. Ignoring is the best thing to do with those who are involved in stalking. When they are left without getting any reaction or attention, most may stop such harassment.

Though, keep in mind, stalkers are often not rational. If they were, they would know better than to disburb or take unfair advantage of people or situation. Stalkers cause a situation that maybe a threat to people's safety. Staying away from stalkers and staying with people you know whom are good is the best way to deal with such situations.

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