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Click above for resources to stop abuse of women and children.

The thought that occurs to me often is what could I do to help Britney? What things could I tell her that is going to legitimately help her?

The main thing that occurs to be something she really needs to know is to stay away from any of those who were scary or a threat. And to stay away from trying to get her to go places or do things that weren't actually going to benefit her.

Sure, she hasn't been having a great personally life. And for someone use to having it all, that has to have been difficult. Only, this page is to remind her, the reason she was having all those problems were those males she was involved with. I personally believe she is innocent and could manage her own personally life if, all those males she was involved with were kept away.  While, this situation is one where to get child custody and to prove her own competence means she has stop any involvement with anyone except her family and her long term beautiful friends.

They didn't know who was who or that who ever they were involved with was a jealous, compulsive lying effort who was involved in trying to harm them and anything to do with them for over the past year. They didn't know that when they went to everyone else who didn't care and only didn't associate with some who did wouldn't help their competency or child custody. They didn't know that making choices such as that would cause everyone to doubt their competence. They didn't know such involvement was totally against their own interests. They didn't know that when they were involved in trying to make someone who never did anything to them jealous or any of the other negative comments, these would all be things that to say the least would cause anyone to doubt their competence.

Stay put at home. Stay away from any of those whom you have been associating because they are the reason for no change. Stay safe at home with those whom respect you. Work out any seperate living situations there where you are just have your living space free from the abuse.

Staying is much better because that is where those involved in personal security are. There have been those trying to take unfair advantage while traveling. And, that is where you need more security. There is no reason for traveling because all that has been happening were predators weren't being kept out of any involvement. And those who were involved who were good aren't being kept away from the women who were traveling.

Some of the women involved weren't able to sort the differences between who was caring, the ones who knew and told them those places and people were unsafe. Those who didn't care didn't tell them all the things they needed to know to keep them safe at home. If someone was a threat of harm to these women, if one of the women weren't able to even have a phone, they should be kept at home.

When you consider that the situation of travel or staying around the area I lived wasn't safe even for males, that is how out of control the situation was. That is because those involved were taking unfair advantage of the fact those women weren't contacting the people they should and were being contacted by people they should stay away from. If that situation was happening there, that was why they should stay away from any place else. There are predators everywhere. You wouldn't want your children to be involved with those who didn't care. You should want your child to be kept safely at home.

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Britney at 2002 VMA.
Notice the attractive legs.

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