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Click above for resources to stop abuse of women and children.

The thought that occurs to me often is what could I do to help Britney? What things could I tell her that is going to legitimately help her?

The main thing that occurs to be something she really needs to know is to stay away from any of those who were scary or a threat. And to stay away from trying to get her to go places or do things that weren't actually going to benefit her.

Sure, she hasn't been having a great personally life. And for someone use to having it all, that has to have been difficult. Only, this page is to remind her, the reason she was having all those problems were those males she was involved with. I personally believe she is innocent and could manage her own personally life if, all those males she was involved with were kept away.

While, this situation is one where to get child custody and to prove her own competence means she has stop any involvement with anyone except her family and her long term beautiful friends. You know, and LR.

We have seen where anytime she has been involved with any associations such as from where I am, that wasn't good for her or anyone who cared about her. That is just the way those involved were. That is like going to where she is, and associating with those who were the cause of her problems with her children. What Britney needs is to stay home with her children for her and their sake.

All that involvement with who ever she hasn't been involved with is what is causing the questions of her parenting and competence. She has to provide a stable environment for her children and prove she knows the difference between those who didn't care and wanted to harm and those who were caring and helpful to her. All that going around getting involved in any sort of situation just isn't helping her.

She has to stay home and stay involved with her business and children. This is because those trying to harm have been taking any situation or comment as a excuse to try to harm. That included who ever she was associating with trying to tell her to do things that just weren't good for her or anyone. There is no need for her going anywhere else or involving anyone else she doesn't know well.

What am I suppose to do. All I have been doing was what ever I am pretty sure Britney wants or needs. Is she is looking for someone what ever she wanted to find him or what ever the situation, I figured she should know what he looks like. If all those around the area were dishonest or out to harm, than she should know that.

If those who were contacting her from here were telling her things that weren't true or didn't know or were just causing trouble, than she should know that. Actually she should stay home and stay away from any associations. Especially when she isn't contacting the only one who cares about her and who would know who is who and what is what.

Because, for what ever reason, this is the situation. Usually one would either go somewhere and find someone and that is all. Or, someone goes somewhere and doesn't find who they were looking for. All this involvement of those who were unknown or were involved in adverse conduct, is a serious concern. If you go somewhere and stay out of any personal involvement, or if you just stay home, almost no one who cares would be concerned. Or she found who she was looking for, or she could find or contact who she was looking, than there is no reason to go to places unsafe.

You know, if she was looking for someone she didn't know what they look like or couldn't contact them, than one would want her to know that. For some reason some of those involved seemed to have taken such efforts to get her to stay home or to stay away from places. What I want and have always stated is for her to stay home and stay out of any involvement.

Either with who ever else who was illegally involved with her or anything anyone else was suggesting or implying. Because they don't know what I want or need. Just like they didn't know or care what she wanted or needed.

I have always wanted Britney to stay at home and stay away from any association with those. Just the effort to get her involved in jealousy or any sort of negative comments were crimes, harassment and efforts to cause her to do things that weren't going to get her child custody or legal competence. Legal competence means telling all those associations and conduct that wasn't good for her and her children no.

The whole situation has all changed now. The situation where she is going to be the way things are going to be for a long time now. The people she was associating with her were all causing her to keep from getting child custody and proof of competence. Their involvement was a problem for harm and anyone else. This is another reason her staying home and far away from here.

There is no reason for my going there, now. The women involved have to stay away. You know, one should stay and associate only with those who care and benefit you. I would rather she stay home and safe than try to find me or anyone. If someone needs to be contacted, that would be easy to email them. Right now, as with all along, she or who ever couldn't or didn't contact anyone else to get help with what ever problems she has. However, one could and should do what ever they could for her, her family and friends.

That is the whole reason for may involvement. She had been just overwhelmed with those who were just deliberately trying to cause her harm and problems. And, unfortunately, that has been the way those around here she was involved with have been, also. She maybe didn't know enough to stay out of any new unknown or harmful associations. She would know enough to stay away from areas such as this if she was allowed to decide that.

Any involvement by me would be what my involvement has always been, to look out for her and her interests. And, right now, and probably always, that is for her to stay at home involved in her normal daily living, children and business. If I was, or was going to get personally involved, I would have done that. You may have noticed, I have always limited my involvement to what that involvement has always been. If I ever wanted to contact or be personally involved, I could and would have. I have just be involved as they have seen and know my involvement.

I mention this because of what appears to have concerns I might be looking for more personal involvement or am after Alli. While any more personal involvement would be only for the personal security and benefit of Britney. The same with the fact that I am after Alli. Only probably a little different way than she may have thought. That is to keep her away from such associations and places weren't safe.

Those who would tend to associate them with those whom they were involved with. Such as to imply while those women made their choices and now they have to live with their choices. While, they didn't know the ones they were involved with were guilty of many serious felons and didn't care about them. They were being conned and manipulated to go places and do things they would usually know better about.

They didn't know who was who or that who ever they were involved with was a jealous, compulsive lying effort who was involved in trying to harm them and anything to do with them for over the past year. They didn't know that when they went to everyone else who didn't care and only didn't associate with some who did wouldn't help their competency or child custody. They didn't know that making choices such as that would cause everyone to doubt their competence. They didn't know such involvement was totally against their own interests. They didn't know that when they were involved in trying to make someone who never did anything to them jealous or any of the other negative comments, these would all be things that to say the least would cause anyone to doubt their competence.

Stay put at home. Stay away from any of those whom you have been associating because they are the reason for no change. Stay safe at home with those whom respect you. Work out any seperate living situations there where you are just have your living space free from the abuse.

Staying is much better because that is where those involved in personal security are. There have been those trying to take unfair advantage while traveling. And, that is where you need more security. There is no reason for traveling because all that has been happening were predators weren't being kept out of any involvement. And those who were involved who were good aren't being kept away from the women who were traveling.

Some of the women involved weren't able to sort the differences between who was caring, the ones who knew and told them those places and people were unsafe. Those who didn't care didn't tell them all the things they needed to know to keep them safe at home. If someone was a threat of harm to these women, if one of the women weren't able to even have a phone, they should be kept at home.

When you consider that the situation of travel or staying around the area I lived wasn't safe even for males, that is how out of control the situation was. That is because those involved were taking unfair advantage of the fact those women weren't contacting the people they should and were being contacted by people they should stay away from. If that situation was happening there, that was why they should stay away from any place else. There are predators everywhere. You wouldn't want your children to be involved with those who didn't care. You should want your child to be kept safely at home.

Old Photo when I was a little older than Miley.
I am keeping my hair short for now. Comfort first.

Because I plan on staying out of the picture.
And I wasn't trying to impress anyone. While, I did my best.

This is what the tired old man that used to live at the manor looks like. Now, I can't believe this either. That is just the way people look. I have always looked this way. One can't do much about how one looks.

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Those who seemed to have thought there was some sort of competition weren't mature adults. They are the ones who were making false accusations as if they were children who weren't mature and were at the childish stage of competing. When, being a mature adult is about working together, completing and sharing.

Most women are smart enough to know who is normal and who isn't. Those who are adults who aren't mature enough to be honest probably never will be. The same as those who weren't mature enough to know that competing was a childish form of conduct as adults will probably never be mature. Those who went around falsely accusing, assaulting and engaging in all sorts of senseless disruptive efforts to get attention weren't mature enough to know how few if anyone would want anything to do with them or their conduct.

Text or Call 406 230 1513

Weather here has been really cold and dry.

This makes almost everyone look older.

Low res cameras make one with smooth skin look like a Jessica Simpson commercial.

You have great empathy about your current boyfriend situation from me. My intention is, and always has been to seek your best interests. We may do that for a boy friend maybe latter. I just sort of have been wanting you to stay at home. If showing you these photos help you stay home, great. For my sake and everyone who cares about you, you are a beautiful woman who has many good years to look for a attractive boy friend. Stay away from all those dogs and rats.

My apology about these photos. This isn't the sort of pretty boys you usually associate with.

That was the prettiest I could do for you now.

I knew one is taking a chance posting a picture.

I just thought better you know what ever your reaction.

Geez, lady, I am like a tire old man who was fatigued before. I have been working tirelessly. And all that makes one is tired. This is why you have to stay home and get your beauty sleep.

Like how you look is what should matter.

We may both admire you. That is what is important.

Britney at 2002 VMA.
Notice the attractive legs.

Whose Legs?
Britney's or Jamie Lynn's?

Images of some of the men Britney was involved with.

These should remind Britney about waiting for a while.

She does amazingly well with all the things she has had to deal with. She just has to have more time to sort things out before getting involved in any more relationships. She always does great when she is allowed to decide for herself. Only, she has to have time to realize many didn't care about her, her children, family and friends. With time, she may sort out what is what and who is who. She is functioning much better now and making better choices. Though, she has all the previous involvements to get over. And she has to get much better people involved who can tell the differences between the rats and the people who care about her and who are going to make her happen. In the mean time, she should just shut the door to any personal involvement and just concentrate on her business and children. Time heals and she is going to grow wise about those whom she was involved with who really help her as a person and those who were just didn't care enough.

The Men Who Were Involved With Britney.

Kevin Federline
Remember. This is what Sam made you look like.

This is one of what I call the Britney Me photos.
You see these once in while with the really serious look.

Another BritneyMe.
The eyes and the serious look.

This BritneyMe Circus Album Cover Photos.
As Allisa Milano just walks by. Actual Circus Album cover appears as BritneyJamieLynnSpears.

An other Britney me photo appears to be the most recent Yahoo photo of the beautiful sauna momma looking out sideways.

I am going to only be as kind as I can to Britney.
SP letting go. Your welcome Britney. I just want Britney to stay home safe.

I care about Britney, Alli and their families.
They all didn't care. Stay home. Stay safe.
Just stay away from those who didn't care.

Britney's father Sir Jamie the hero. Sam the rat.
These are more reasons why you should wait a few years.

Larry Rudolf. Britney's manager. A great guy.
The look of concern and pride I know well.

Sam the rat making our princess look bad.

You remember what he made you look like.
These are things you have to stay away from.

Just who is this office worker you were after?

The ideal wife and mother.
An at home mom.